final pieces

After some hard thinking and work I finally finished them. These are the pieces I’ve chosen to put in the exhibition.


Due to unforseen technical difficulties I’ve lost some of the scans and these are the only ones I managed to recover.

All of them are painted with acrylic onto MDF covered in black acrylic. It felt amazing to be able to finally paint, rather than plan and do technical things like scanning, editing and blogging.

These will be suspended so they hang at eye-level, arranged so they form the backwards narrative of the creation of our universe.


final idea / development

After Amelia’s comment on the second opening night of WITHIN / WITHOUT, I decided I had to make some changes.

Instead of a single long piece, I chose to go for the easier option and go with separate images for the separate pages. I’d been doing concept drawings in my sketchbook and it only made sense for each one to just be on a separate piece of paper, but still, adamant that they should be suspended on strings, rather than just hung on a wall.

Quite a few things changed throughout the course of this project. From illustrating different Creation myths in order to point out similarities to making an animation uniting all their main elements, to a long continuous piece hinting at a multiverse… I have finally come to a final decision.

My plan is to create an installation of the timeline of our universe but backwards. First we observe what is now, the Earth suspended in space, and then we start going further and further backwards until we reach the point of the Big Bang, the point of primal genesis, the point beyond which we can’t tell what was. Then I will employ the multiverse bubble theory and we will move out of the bubble our universe’s timeline is contained within, to the space where all the numerous bubbles float about, each one containing the possibility of a universe within it… they hang freely until they lead to another freely hanging piece, the last bit of the installation, a mirror. Next to it a short poem tying everything together and inspiring the awareness, self-consciousness and empathy we al must feel towards our world, our planet, our home, and all the beings inhabiting it alongside us.

It is our world, our choices and our responsibility.


James Green’s Rhondda World

A couple of weeks ago James Green had a show at Cardiff M.A.D.E. which was very exciting to see. The works included decorated tribal masks, a room of collages (quite literally) and several mind-blowing paintings.

Since last year’s Field module led by James – Gorillas in the Roses, collaging has become synonymous in my mind with creative madness. There’s something very special about it – dismissible yet profound qualities…

“James Green’s Rhondda World is not a single world, but a place where numberless cultures, histories, fantasies and fabrications jostle against one another in permanent upheaval. Incongruous worlds are shuffled like a giant deck of cards. Each shuffle opens new doors into the possible and improbable. Some of these worlds are real and tangible, some are imaginary; sometimes the different worlds mesh together to produce a new reality, at other times they clash and rebound spilling disconnected ideas in their wake. ”
Dr Jon Clarkson

final Charity Project presentation / final idea

Slide1 This was my final presentation for the charity brief, containing parts of my latest research and the development of my idea towards a finalised piece. As I was verbally explaining most of it this might not make sense but I hope the captions will be helpful enough for you (the random viewer) to understand.

a bit of insight on my idea for a final piece (an installation) and some of the questions I want to explore with it
pills in art, some of the artworks I came across during my research online (all can be found on my Pinterest page Ideas & Research)
after the last tutorial Anna wrote as a suggestion note that I should look at Damien Hirst’s work. I am very pleased to say that I actually went to his exhibition at Tate back in 2012 and even though these images look quite descriptive, being there and experiencing the installations in person was very different and quite an interesting experience.
some more work I discovered through Pinterest. I admire the simple use of colour and the juxtaposition of elements in the composition as well as the contrast between foreground and background on the cover artwork (left)
that was actually what led me to these – curtain-like bead strings. they perfectly embody the transparency and the hindrance of pharmaceuticals.
through some deeper research towards that curtain idea I discovered some artwork by Susie Freeman, one of the creators of Pharmacopoeia… it turned out that most of the ideas I was trying to engage with for this project have already been intensely worked on. I had solid ground to build upon – an idea to take further.
what I came up with was simple – a corridor installation made up of separate pill curtains. this is a rough sketch of what it looks like in my head.
“a maze of half-curtains of different-sized, differently placed pills” it’s as simple as. every pill influences the body in a specific way and is felt in a specific way by the one who consumes it. according to that each pill curtain will be different in the size and arrangement of its components.
I was considering adding some information on the side in a little pocket, where people could take leaflets if they are interested to find out more. I imagined little cards with an illustration of the pill and a little information and useful links on the back but at this stage this is an extra I could do without.
as I was stuck with the project for about a week (and that’s before the extension of our deadline so i had no time to be stuck, really) in the end I just went with my intuition and just produced the artwork that’s been adding up in a little folder inside my head that I could no longer ignore. I needed to clear up some space up there and these were the perfect product of my frustration and my confused creative flow.
in the end I constructed a little “plan of action” which is purely suggestive. by contacting tutors from both universities (Chris was pretty insistent that I speak to people in Cardiff University’s School of Pharmacology) I will gain objective and specific information that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to and I will also have the ground for future work on the project.

I was trying to be as descriptive and informative during my presentation and I was generally worried about the feedback. As everyone else on our course had already settled on either a short animation or a series of posters I felt a bit odd, trying to get my installation across.

But no matter what, I believe that this is the best way to communicate my idea, undoubtedly raise awareness and ultimately make people question their own dependencies and pharmaceutical needs. As someone who has been treated with homeopathy my entire life, I can firmly say that there is always a different way to cure ourselves from illnesses and stay healthy without the use of antibiotics (doesn’t the word worry you even a bit? anti + bio ; aren’t we “bio” as well?).

I will be building a small maquet (or making a series of illustrations/sketches), depicting my idea in a more realistic way, easier to pitch to potential supporters.

I was very pleased with the feedback from the presentation (by tutors and peers) especially with the comment that in a way this is “more of an MA project than a BA one”. That really lifted my spirits and inspired me to work on this project even harder, especially since it could potentially really go live. How exciting is that?