Summer Break

Summer 2014. I must say I was positive nothing could top last year’s summer but here I am and my mind is still blown, and it all still feels like a big long dream. Only one part of it did not agree with my idea of the perfect time—all my art materials were left back in Cardiff and I couldn’t really do artwork in any medium other than pen, pencil and a limited pallet of oil pastel. For this precise reason I now have quite a small collection of summer artworks.

1. A State of Mind A Stated Mind




2. “Put some music on, Sam!””



3. Will Forgot His Lighter.  <3


4. pencil sketch


5. The God of Wind


5. The God Of Wind (detail)


6. Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim vs the World fanart


7. Patterns


8. My Friend Gabe


9. My Friend Carys


10. Leaves, composition 1


11. Leaves, composition 2


12. Leaves On Grass




13. Leaf On Lines



I’ve mostly concentrated on the visual impact of parts of things (situations, nature, people, objects, etc.) and simple ideas while experimenting with composition.


Combining Images

While filling up my sketchbook with images I had the idea of combining them to create a single piece. A sort of artistic mashup.

abs 001

So this here is the weird, repetitious, abstract cityscape with loads of straight lines, just like the images above suggest.

abs 002

The next couple of images were chosen randomly but then arranged to create a feeling of a concealed, unknown narrative.

abs 004

In this piece I combined elements from each image but this time I mixed that with a bit of colour and different media.

abs 003

These images sort of fit together on their own when I was glueing them to the page and in the end I decided to leave them as they are because the result is a simplistic collage which inspires different thoughts with every new look.

abs 005

Experimenting with combinations of existing images has been quite fun and I will definitely do more of that in my Research & Ideas sketchbook.