James Green’s Rhondda World

A couple of weeks ago James Green had a show at Cardiff M.A.D.E. which was very exciting to see. The works included decorated tribal masks, a room of collages (quite literally) and several mind-blowing paintings.

Since last year’s Field module led by James – Gorillas in the Roses, collaging has become synonymous in my mind with creative madness. There’s something very special about it – dismissible yet profound qualities…

“James Green’s Rhondda World is not a single world, but a place where numberless cultures, histories, fantasies and fabrications jostle against one another in permanent upheaval. Incongruous worlds are shuffled like a giant deck of cards. Each shuffle opens new doors into the possible and improbable. Some of these worlds are real and tangible, some are imaginary; sometimes the different worlds mesh together to produce a new reality, at other times they clash and rebound spilling disconnected ideas in their wake. ”
Dr Jon Clarkson


mock viva

Here’s most of what I had in my presentation / mock Viva Voce.

We had to prepare and time it (10 minutes + 5 minutes for comments and questions), which was one of the things I slightly messed up by starting off a bit slow and then having to rush the end. I did a recap of the whole research I’d done and evolution of my ideas though I was meant to be showing mainly developments and actual work. I think my save and trump card was the 3metre-long piece I did instead of thumbnails, as concept artwork for the planned animation (you can see that here).

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