life drawing 9/2/15

five 5-minute poses, charcoal on paper (A2)

five 5-minute poses, orange chalk on paper (A2)

three 20-minute poses, crimson and violet chalk on paper (A1)

Once again, I was so happy I went to life drawing. I am very happy with these and my slowly growing collection of sketches.

I started off with the charcoal as I feelĀ it works best with large quick sketches but then I found some leftover orange chalk on one of the empty easels. I was a bit uneasy at first as I wouldnt usually use this colour, but then it felt like that specific orange fit perfectly. It got too strenuous for my eyes though so at the start of the first 20-minute pose (at the front) I went to the box of scraps and found a beautiful whole crimson chalk and right next to it was this pale cold violet, same as the drapes, same as the time when I was sketching that skeleton… so I just took them instinctively and that was that.

For some reason I feel like the female body is much easier to draw than the male. I will be focusing on it more closely from now on, to get that line flowing.


Life Drawing, Death Drawing

reclining dead, sketch, charcoal on paper (A1)
reclining dead, darkness, acrylic on paper (A1)

One day in December Derry (Beck) and I went to the studio for a life drawing session but found it empty. Apparently the model was ill and couldn’t make it so the class was canceled. We were surprised and a bit disappointed but Derry instantly had a solution. He took a model of a skeleton from its hanger and put it in a life drawing model pose on the little stage with the drapes and all.

I am very pleased with the two pieces, as simple as they are.