A Lullaby for a Dying Star

Back in January Laowa, a local music artist (and friend) asked if I would make a cover for his new EP of interstellar lullabies. Naturally, I got way too over excited and started working on it almost straight away.

Album artwork and musical illustration are probably at the very top of my list of potential artistic directions, since beginning to work on the Lyric Sketchbook back in first year. I think work that answers to music has a much more interesting feel to it, the idea that you can understand it better by listening to music and the other way around (that you can understand the music better by seeing the cover artwork) is fascinating. Involving two senses rather than one, creates a fusion of experiences which can, in a sense, communicate the intended feeling more thoroughly.

I was listening to the lullabies before bed for a while before I was asked to to the cover. Then I started listening with a purpose other than falling asleep to lovely tunes, seeing if any ideas make their way into my head. One morning I woke up and remembered a clear image from that night which I then decided to illustrate.

The idea of an inverted image is something I’ve been doing for a while now – the results always have a certain dream quality to them and given the EP is made up of space-themed lullabies, I thought it quite fitting. This project has also inspired some of the work for the upcoming Bristol exhibition.

final piece (EP cover), with additional glitch editing by Laowa

You can find Laowa and his music here:





Magic Hidden in the City

A series of mystical black and white photographies of the magic folk. All the pictures were taken at the Bute Park stone circle. A magical filter was used in a couple of places (the ethereal plane is not that easy to capture on camera; it also only works on a film one, like the one I used ;D)
Anyway, enjoy…










Many thanks to my beautiful models:
Fae Friend and Charm Caster, Carys Jones
Dream Weaver and Spell Binder, Angharad Arnold
Male Sacrifice, Olly Townsend
Tylwyth Teg Familiar, Aaron Szura

Bute Park Photography

Photographs of Bute Park I took the other day while walking to and back from the Llandaf campus.

*I decided to post them here because of their close relation to our Collaboration Field Project. The images look like they’ve been taken deep in the woods or some place quiet and tranquil while infact, their location is none other than the center of Cardiff. It’s interesting to observe the delicate natural beauty that hides within the loud urban environment.

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I Predict… Progress

The title basically just speaks for itself. Here’s some experimental not-really-finished work :))


This here above is the beginning of the final inking. Also, I used this design for the Death card because I’m sort of obsessed with it and I wanted to give it this completely new look that I thought of myself as a way of respecting the connection that I have to the card. I also really didn’t like the Marseille one.


This next one is the final print in the purple ink that I cooked up by myself, like I showed in the previous post :)) Each card is 15×8,5 cm and the sheet is A2 format. I will print them out in different colours and coloured paper…


Here I kind of try out different colouring techniques. From left to right: pencils, promarkers, watercolour, promarkers again.
(We’re supposed to stick to one colour so there will be changes in both that and the medium used.)


And this one is a sort of momentary inspiration that I had when I was in the studio yesterday. As I said before, I’m kind of obsessed with the Death card and I wanted to see it in its own spotlight, so I used this image cut out from a Cardiff Art map as a background. I just love it like that. It makes you think, it really does. It even makes me think. And I do, every time I look at it I notice something new. :))))