GorillasInTheRoses: A Zine of Zine Covers


At our last collaging session with James, we set ourselves a collaging brief – to create a cover for the Gorillas In The Roses zine of covers, which James suggested earlier this term, and to which we excitedly agreed. After giving it about two hours of intense work, we all came up with our different versions of what Gorillas In The Roses is, how we see it, what it means to us as a module or mmaybe literally, etc.

On the left: my GITR cover

We were, for the first time, working under a set brief. I’m not going to lie, I found it a bit stressful, but then again, there’s no inspiration like the deadline. Haha! We had to consider the size – the print was going to be size A5, so be careful about details too small. The other thing we had to be wary of was the fact it was going to be printed in black and white and any bright colour would be lost. Having all that in mind we all ended up handing in with very interesting outcomes. Everyone signed their names on a page that James made himself and then we were ready to go.


This week after the end of our assessment session, we each got a copu of the finished zine. I love how it turned out, as simple and strange as it is, it perfectly reflected Gorillas In The Roses and it was a zine, a little publication, that I contributed my collage artwork to, along with all my friends – you can see why I was so happy to have a copy  :)


Above: GITR Zine Cover | Credit Page by J Green
Below: Inside Cover | Page 1 Cover


I think it is fairly easy to notice, eve just from the first two images (and the cover), that the zine is filled with various aproaches to collaging. From minimalistic to elaborately detailed, from hand drawn to photographic, literal to abstract… all bearing our personal artistic touch and views and ideas.

This zine was a success, there should definitely be more of those, on all sorts of subjects, that’d be quite interesting…


Digital Collaging

strange combinations in strange colours
dark sides (was inspired by Kenneth HaliwellJoe Orton’s work in Malicious Damage)

We had a workshop with James on digital collaging (on iPads provided from uni), using an app called Procreate. It was quite basic but that is essentially all you need to start making the collages you want. I didn’t have any specific ideas when I made those, I just wanted to try out different combinations and techniques and generally see how things work.

Workshop with Tom Martin


In our workshop with Tom Martin we were making collaborative collages and at the same time mixing it all up with our own drawings as parts of the collages.

It was definitely an interesting day that produced some ecen more interesting outcomes. Most of the pieces looked quite chaotic and nonsensical on their own but when Tom invited us to put all our final pieces out so that everyone can have a look, I believe we all felt like we had done some pretty good work that day.

It was also interesting to observe the different tables’ working process and the range of outcomes.

Tom Martin: Colour & Form Workshop

It was interesting to take my mind off the current briefs and concentrate on something as simple as working with colours and forms/shapes. A misleading idea of course, since once you actually start actively thinking about how colours correlate and how shapes help the visual impact and viewer intake something as simple as cutting out a triangle from a sheet of blue paper can become a delicate experiment, an intense soul search and a nerve-wrecking experience, all at the same time.

What I eventually came up with, after abandoning a few ideas was a piece that explores layering, viewpoint, colour interaction, depth and shape.


Workshop with Amanda Sue Rope: Position and Perspective

How about that! It was a pretty interesting workshop in which after a short presentation each of us received a sheet with three printed objects and a small piece of paper with three words written on it that describe the scenery in which we were to put the objects and an indicator for where we should put the horizon line. What I got was:

OUTSIDE, FAR AWAY, BUILT UP  and horizon: 55cm from top.

We had to connect two pieces of A1 paper in order to create a single long sheet. After giving us absolute freedom to do whatever we wanted, here is what I came up with…